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Free garlic bread w/ cheese with purchase of a medium 2 topping pizza or stromboli when you dine in at Block O Pizza.


Pick up, Dine In or Delivery available!


Come to Block O Pizza for a lunch buffet, weekdays 11 am to 2 pm.

Dine In

We have plenty of room for your to dine-in our brand new dining area.


Check out our menu for delicious pizza and stromboli!


All of our subs are $7! Check out our menu for options!


8627 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH


Scooter of Block O Pizza Go Bucks!


With two OSU alumni parents and growing up in Clintonville, it was only natural that Julia would be a die hard Ohio State fan. Once while on vacation in Mexico she proved to a group of UCLA students that OSU fans were every where. Like the bat signal, all she had to do was yell “O-H!” and there were four different “I-O’s!!” that answered. The new group of friends were from different states but had all graduated from Ohio State. Julia says she has tried this experiment in six states and three countries, and it works every time.

Julia was blessed with three boys, three boys that could eat and always brought there friends home to eat as well. Football, basketball, and baseball practices all in different places at different times, made Julia realize there was a need for healthy, hot and fresh options to feed her boys. The time they would all spend around the kitchen table was a rare chance to laugh, talk and eat. “Pizza Night” was an important part of there week. Not having to cook meant Julia could relax and enjoy the time with her family. Over a few years, Julia noticed “large” pizzas were getting smaller and the ingredients were lacking, but the prices were getting larger. The bigger her boys grew the bigger the pizza bill grew. She decided that people needed a Real large pizza. Thats why you will find our large will feed your family and our prices will help your family keep Pizza Night, and all the fun that comes with it.

Julia likes to spend here free time outdoors, she says “Inside is for hibernating, outside is for living!” All of her greatest memories growing up were from adventuring in the woods. To this day, she loves to go hiking in the woods or kayaking as a way to relax.


Michael or “Scooter” as his friends know him, has grown up with pizza and the Buckeyes in his life. Large chain pizza franchises were almost nonexistent growing up. “The only pizza I knew was made in little “mom & pop” shops.” Michael has eaten pizza all over the world, from the U.S.A. to Germany and Egypt. Nothing can beat the taste of a good hometown pizza.

Growing up, Michael spent his summers and any other time off school going into work with his mom at The Ohio State University. He would spend his days exploring the campus and all it had to offer. He became the ball boy for both the basketball and soccer teams. During lunches with his mom he had gotten autographs from Woody Hayes on several occasions. Coach Hayes even wrote him a note to “get on the books” if he wanted to go to O.S.U.

Scooter has worked in restaurants since the age of 14. Working from behind the bar or the “back of the house”, he has compiled many friends and fascinating stories. In 2006, he went back to school to get his certification from the American Culinary Federation. Even with all the formal training, he still loves pizza over all other foods. “If there was one food to eat for the rest of my life?......Pizza!!”


8627 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH


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8627 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH


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